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Infinityº Program



100% Recycled. 100% Recyclable. Infinite Uses.

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Creating clothing can be an energy and resource intensive process—one that continues to grow as clothing is incinerated, downcycled or thrown into landfills. Getting started is easy:

  • 1. Buy a shipping label
  • 2. Mail your retired Aero Zeroº back to us
  • 3. We recycle it into a brand new Aero Zeroº
  • 4. We'll email you $50 in credit* towards your next Aero Zeroº purchase
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How it Works

We're recycling retired Aero Zeroº shirts into new ones. Help close the loop.

Buy Infinity Label
1. Buy an Infinity Label

$5 Flat Rate Shipping for up to 5 shirts

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2. Mail it Back

Send us your retired Aero Zeroº shirts

Shirt in recycling bin
3. We Recycle

We'll process them into new shirts

$50 Credit Card
4. You Get Credit

Get a $50 credit towards a new Aero Zeroº

Aero Zero in Leaves

Zero Footprint

Since 2019, we've been making Aero Zeroº shirts from upcycled PET water bottles and milling our fabric under renewable solar power, allowing us to reduce carbon emissions by over 50%. The emissions that we we aren't able to eliminate are offset, creating the first 100% recycled, carbon-neutral dress shirt.

Now, we're taking things a step further.

Process of Infinity

Infinite Use

Our shirts are built and tested to last, but when you're ready to retire your Aero Zeroº we can give them a new life. Working with our partners at Shinkong Textiles, we've developed a revolutionary hybrid mechanical-and-chemical recycling process that can separate polyester fibers. We then re-spin it back into yarn that's just as strong, durable and soft as before, creating the world's first circular dress shirt.

Fashion has a sustainbiltiy problem.

Why Infinityº Matters


of global greenhouse gas emissions come from apparel & footwear production


of apparel is incinerated, downcycled or disposed of in landfills


of performance fabrics' carbon emissions come from petroleum drilling and refining

We believe that through materials science and smart supply chains, there's a better way.


Half the Emissions

The Infinityº Program was optimized to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Durable recycled material, solar powered-milling and quick-dry fabric results in a garment that has 1/2 the carbon emissions of conventional shirts.

Woman Running Half Marathon

Why Run a Half-Marathon?

Another route to achieving this sort of positive impact would be to run 13.1 miles instead of driving. (We've done it, but you don't have to.) Infinityº is a simpler choice.


Minimized Waste. Zero Net-Emissions.

Recycled Materials
Recycled Materials
Solar Power
Solar Powered Mills
Energy-Effective Milling
Energy-Efficient Production
Emissions Saved
CO2 Emissions Saved
Infinityº Recycling Process

Infinityº Recycling Process

Let's close the loop together.

Keep your Aero Zeroº in play—when you're ready to retire it, send it in to be recycled and get $50 credit* towards a new Aero Zeroº.

Aero Zero Men
Men's Aero Zeroº
Available in Slim & Standard
Women's Aero Zeroº
Available in Standard & Boyfriend Cuts

Features of Aero Zeroº

Zero new plastic. Zero net-emissions. Just comfort backed by science.

Aero Zero Fabric
Soft, Lofty Yarns

Cotton candy-like, textured yarns

Aero Zero Fabric Stretch
Resilient Stretch

Stretches and always bounces back

Machine Washable
Machine Washable

Ditch the dry cleaner

Climate Neutral
Climate Neutral Certified

100% of carbon emissions offset

White Plastic Pellets
Infinite Loop

100% Recycled. 100% Recyclable.

Placing Aero Zero Shirt in Box

Have an Aero Zeroº to recycle? Start here.

1: Buy a shipping label
2: Mail your retired Aero Zero° back to us
3: We recycle it into a brand new Aero Zero°
4: We’ll email you $50 in credit* for your next Aero Zero° purchase

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**Terms & conditions: Can only be applied to Aero Zeroº products; limit one discount code per shirt per transaction. Cannot be combined with other promotional offers or discounts including rewards or other Infinityº discounts; does not expire.