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Active Commute Guide

The commute is an integral part of the daily routine, but driving often isn’t the fastest (or least stressful) option. With clothes designed and tested for life in motion, we’re here to help - here are our top tips to beat the traffic and arrive at your destination looking sharp and ready to take on the day.

Why Active Commute?

active commute tips
Low Stress

Avoid the traffic and enjoy the journey

active commute tips
Heart Healthy

Build exercise into your daily routine

Climate Neutral
Carbon Friendly

Better for you, better for the planet

Choose Your Active Commute

Three planet-conscious ways to sidestep the stop-and-go traffic:

Method 1


The original method of travel is perfect for denser urban areas.

Pro Tip: Dressing light will help avoid overheating, but be sure to pack an extra layer. Choose pants that pair well with commute-friendly footwear.

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Method 2


Biking is a quick, classic and efficient way to commute.

Pro Tip: A breathable shirt helps maximize airflow, paired with a wind-blocking jacket and warp-knit pants for durability and stretch.

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Method 3

Public Transit

Public transit is a quicker, greener alternative to driving

Pro Tip: Stretch fabrics are essential here as you run to catch the train, while moisture-wicking, breathable layers help keep you cool on a crowded bus.

Men's Active Commute Essentials

Gear that’s quick-dry, highly breathable and stretchy to take on even the toughest commutes.

Women's Active Commute Essentials

Commute in comfort with fabrics that still allow you to arrive at work looking sharp and presentable.

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Virtual Shop-Along

Need help refreshing your active commute wardrobe? Book an appointment and our team will help you find the perfect pieces.

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Work Travel Guide

Nothing’s quite as hectic as a short business trip. Whether it’s a red-eye flight or a packed train headed downtown, bring your A-game with our top tips (and high-performing pieces) to help you pack light and hit the ground running.

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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

- Albert Einstein