Your Guide to Workleisure

Comfort has become a staple over the last few years, and business casual is no longer “business as usual”. We’ve adapted and evolved to embrace “Workleisure” — the intersection of science-backed comfort with an aesthetic that’s built for life in (and beyond) the office.

  • Stretch Soft, Stretchy & Structured
  • Machine wash icon Easy Care
  • icon sharp and easy fits Sharp & Easy Fits
  • icon multi use pieces Multi-Use Pieces

Men's Workleisure

men's grey white heather apollo raglan sport shirt flat shot of front
Men's Apollo Raglan Sport Shirt Grey White Heather
$ 138
mens kinetic tapered pant shadow blue heather front full flat
Men's Kinetic Pant Shadow Blue Heather
$ 148
mens fusion chore coat charcoal heather front full flat
Men's Fusion Chore Coat Charcoal Heather
$ 298
mens fusion jogger navy heather front full flat
Men's Fusion Pull-On Pant Navy Heather
$ 148
mens apollo shirt bright navy oxford front full flat
Men's Apollo Dress Shirt Bright Navy Oxford (Brushed)
$ 138
mens hybrid button down shirt light grey stripe front full flat
Men's Hybrid Button-Down Light Grey Stripe
$ 138
Final Sale
mens fusion overshirt black tweed flat front full
Men's Fusion Overshirt Black Tweed
$ 119
was $168
mens apollo polo city blue front full flat
Men's Apollo Polo Grey Blue Oxford (Brushed)
$ 98

Women's Workleisure

womens aero zero oversized shirt denim blue end on end front full flat
Women's Aero Zero° Oversized Shirt Denim Blue End on End
$ 138
Final Sale
Women's Charcoal Kinetic Pull on Pant on model walking forward with hand in pocket
Women's Kinetic Pull-On Pant Slate Grey
$ 94
was $148
Final Sale
womens fusion overshirt taupe flat front full
Women's Fusion Overshirt Taupe
$ 119
was $168
Navy Pinstripe Fusion Straight Leg Pant on model
Women's Fusion Straight Leg Pant Navy Pinstripe
$ 148
womens atlas cardigan oatmeal heather front full flat
Women's Atlas Cardigan Oatmeal Heather
$ 178
womens composite merino boxy tee taupe heather front full flat
Women's Composite Merino Boxy Tee Taupe Heather
$ 68
model wearing womens velocity pull on pant flax lifestyle
Women's Velocity Pull-On Pant Flax
$ 188

The 5 Pillars of Workleisure

Man sitting at desk, woman sitting in minimalist chair.

Wrinkle-free, structured, looks good anywhere.

features proof point kinetic twill stretch fabric

Soft, stretchy but structured fabrics.


Tested for abrasion, pilling, colorfastness, seam strength and wash cycles.

sink washing cloth slider crop
Easy Care

From shirts to suits, it's all machine (and sink!) washable.

White Aero Zero Dress Shirt Floating Over the Earth

Materials analysis, thoughtful logistics & upcycling to continue reducing our carbon emissions.

mens fusion chore coat charcoal heather and men apollo raglan sport shirt grey white heather and men kinetic twill 5 pocket pant medium grey heather

1. Go All Knit

When it comes to tops or bottoms, our dense, elevated knits combine sharp structure with the softness and stretch of loungewear.

model wearing aero zero oversized shirt white womens sitting on stone surface easy fit tops over

2. Untucked + Easy Fit Tops

Easier cuts can still offer a sharp look when properly styled, and the best shirts can be worn tucked or untucked to suit the day’s needs.

woman pulling drawstring dual gender workleisure guide 1x1

3. No Belts Necessary

Your waistline changes when you sit or stand, so why shouldn’t your pants? Our “magic” comfort waistbands offer immense stretch to dial in the ideal fit for any situation.

Man wearing Fusion Overshirt sitting outside on a rock

4. Smart Layering is Key

The right “third layer” keeps you cozy through brisk mornings and office AC, and seamlessly spans the dressier and casual parts of your day.

sneakers encouragd man holding end of pant and sneaker foot on rock workleisure guide page 1x1

5. Sneakers Encouraged

Casual shoes add a bit of personality to your daily uniform (and keep your feet happy). Pair them with our sneaker-friendly bottoms to complete the look.

dual gender untucked and easy fit tops workleisure 1x1 crop

Save with Systemsº

Our Workleisure Systems° are curated combinations built to take the guesswork out of your daily routine. Not only will they make your life easier, but when bundled you'll save 15% off the whole look. (That's what we like to call a "win-win.")

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