What are bundles?

Bundles are discounts offered when you purchase multiple items from some of our favorite categories: Dress Shirts, Socks and Suits. See below for details.

Illustration of dress shirts

Dress Shirt Bundle

Stay cool, sharp and wrinkle free with performance dress shirts engineered for breathability and movement. Save 15% when you buy any 3 dress shirts.

Use code SHIRT15 at checkout.

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Illustration of socks

Sock Bundle

Performance socks with professional style. Save 15% when you buy any 3 pairs of socks.

Use code SOCK15 at checkout.

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Illustration of a suit

Kinetic Suit Bundle

The suit that ran a record-shattering half-marathon. Warp-knit Kinetic suiting wicks moisture and features resilient, omnidirectional stretch. Save $55 when you buy a suit jacket and matching bottoms.

Use code KINETIC at checkout.

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Illustration of a suit

Velocity Suit Bundle

Velocity fabric is machine washable, wrinkle-free, high-stretch, and ready for action. Constructed with attention to detail and the goal of outperforming traditional wool suiting, Velocity has been engineered from the fiber level for performance. Save $75 when you buy a suit jacket and matching bottoms.

Use code VELOCITY75 at checkout.

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Note: all items must be from the same category for a code to successfully apply (example: two dress shirts cannot be combined with 1 pair of socks to create a bundle, and all suiting must be from the same platform - either Kinetic or Velocity). Bundle discounts cannot be combined with any other promotional offers or discounts, including rewards.