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Our Mission & 5-Year Plan

Category Creation Leaders

Our goal for the next 5 years is to create a new category of apparel (Workleisure) to unlock your full potential — all achieved through science.

Create Scientifically Better [apparel] that enables Life Architects to pursue their life’s work.
Using science to positively impact the world - and the people fixing it.

Engineered To Perform Like Magic

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Easy Care Everything

Look sharp wherever you go with machine washable, wrinkle resistant staples.

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Resilient Stretch

Pieces built with incredible stretch and shape retention to avoid end-of-day sag.

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Tested for Long-Term Durability

Every product passes 50+ ASTM / AATCC tests for durability, simulating years of use.

Wrinkle-Free Stretch
Wrinkle-Free Stretch

All of our fabrics are designed to release wrinkles easily with low dryer heat.

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Planet Conscious

Recycled/bio-based fabrics and carbon emissions compensation minimize our footprint.

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Our Fabric Technology

At the heart of every Ministry of Supply piece is a fabric engineered to outperform anything in your closet. From NASA-derived temperature regulation to washable, high-performing Merino wool (and beyond), they’re ready to unlock comfort and productivity throughout your day.

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Our entire line of workleisure is a comprehensive capsule wardrobe - mix-and-match, easy care staples built with everything you need (and nothing you don’t) for the workday, travel and beyond.

Built For:

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Active Anywhere

Pieces engineered for performance, packability, and versatility to keep you fresh at home or on the go.

Traveling Light
Traveling Light

“Fewer, better pieces” you can travel in comfortably (or pull wrinkle-free from a suitcase) and arrive at your destination ready for whatever the day will bring.

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Time with Family

Extra stretch and machine washability mean our clothes seamlessly transition from work to family time - so you'll never miss a single precious moment.


Whether you're at an office, a café, or the couch at home, an elevated daily uniform balances stretch, softness and structure to tackle your life’s work.

Bundle and Save with Systems°

Systems° are curated combinations built to perform, while taking the guesswork out of your daily routine. Not only will they make your life easier, but you’ll save on your purchase when bundled.

Our Customers

Worn by Minimalists, Nomads & Entrepreneurs taking on their Life's Work

Alok Patel, MD
Alok Patel, MD

National Medical Communicator (ABC)

Larissa Rhodes
Larissa Rhodes

Emmy Award-Winning Producer

Chris Bahl, PhD
Chris Bahl, PhD

World-leading Computational Biologist, TED Speaker

Tetsuya Ohara
Tetsuya Ohara

Materials & Sustainability Pioneer

Hajj Flemmings
Hajj Flemmings

Founder & CEO Rebrand Cities / BrandCamp

Our Values

The tenets of how we operate as a team and brand

Let Your Guard Down

If you enter with vulnerability and guard down, you’re more likely to hear and absorb what others share, driving greater depth of empathy.

Be Aglie

The ability to respond thoughtfully and swiftly to all available inputs.

Be Grateful

We are grateful for our wins, thirsty to fix losses or seize opportunities, and always direct and candid in how we share.

Practice Hard

These two descriptors go hand in hand – we work hard and relentlessly, while paying attention to every detail.

Empathetic Inventor

Possessing the empathy to understand your peers (and our customers) and act on that information through the creative process.

Live & Work

Our company is driven by the alignment of our individual passions and shared purpose.

The Team to Get Us There

A team of engineers, designers and builders who are passionate and driven to see this future come to life.


Aman Advani

CEO & Co–Founder

Headshot of Gihan Amarasiriwardena

Gihan Amarasiriwardena

President & Co-Founder

Angela Zoomed Headshot

Angela Pyne

Graphic Design Associate

Brian Hammonds

Master of Light

Helen Zoomed Headshot

Helen Fulmer

Social Media Coordinator

Ian Zoomed Headshot

Ian Worgaftik

Chief Strategy Officer

Jarlath Mellet

Design Director


Nicole Mazzola

Director of Merchandising


Tessa Whitley

Supply Chain and Operations Manager


Tiffani Beyer

Customer Experience Manager


Zach Warner

Keeper of Words