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Our Next Five Years

Category Creation Leaders

Our mission is to create a new category of apparel (Workleisure) to unlock your full potential—all achieved through science.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Create Scientifically Better [apparel] that enables Life Architects to pursue their life’s work.
Establish a new normal of how science can have a positive impact on the world, and the people fixing it.

Our Values

The tenets of how we operate as a team and brand

Let Your Guard Down

If you enter with vulnerability and guard down, you’re more likely to hear and absorb what others share, driving greater depth of empathy.

Be Aglie

The ability to respond thoughtfully and swiftly to all available inputs.

Be Grateful

We are grateful for our wins, thirsty to fix losses or seize opportunities, and always direct and candid in how we share.

Practice Hard

These two descriptors go hand in hand – we work hard and relentlessly, while paying attention to every detail.

Empathetic Inventor

Possessing the empathy to understand your peers (and our customers) and act on that information through the creative process.

Live & Work

Our company is driven by the alignment of our individual passions and shared purpose.

Head Heart Soul

During the pandemic, we learned two things:

1) Comfort drives joy and productivity 2) Science is an infinitely powerful tool to create that comfort

Through this moment, we discovered our true Head, Heart and Soul:

  • Head 🧠 - what makes our products rationally great
  • Heart 💙 - the power of comfort to unlock your life's work
  • Soul ✨ - applying science to unlock careers

Ten years of innovation has led up to this moment. In the next five years, you’ll see us double down on Workleisure, a wild investment in R&D, and a continued focus on our planet and “Starter Kits” (more below).

Workleisure is the Next Evolution of Apparel.

And we're in a unique position to lead the charge.

Men's Apollo Dress Shirt in Space

Launched the world's first Performance Dress Shirt

Karo running

Redefined performance in apparel for office, travel and the daily commute

Mercury Jacket

First-in-class Climate-Controlled Garments

Grid of Clothes

Category-leading Workleisure system

Man & Woman

Goal 1: Our Heart

Invest in Workleisure

Our ‘Heart’ is here—Worklesiure realizes the intersection of science and comfort for an aesthetic that’s built for work in and beyond the office; presentable anywhere, and as cozy as your favorite pajamas.

Workleisure Guide

Defining and Leading the Workleisure Brand

Driving comfort, functionality, durability, and presentable style in a responsible way - wherever your work takes you.

men's charcoal heather hybrid fleece crewneck sweatshirt inner fabric

Soft, stretchy but structured fabrics

model on bike wearing fusion terry sweatshirt

"Magic" features to improve your day: stretch waistbands, convenient pockets, and true ease of care


Wrinkle-free, structured, looks good anywhere

Aero Zero Fabric Stretch

Tested for abrasion, pilling, colorfastness, seam strength and wash cycles

Climate Neutral

Climate Neutral Certified; sustainable dyeing and waterproofing; bio-based and recycled/recyclable fabrics


Goal 2: Our Head

Invest in Comfort Innovation

The future of apparel is only as good as we build it.

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Grow the Core

Invest in 4 key areas to lead the charge

Apollo Phase Change Material with Gradient Colors
Materials Science and Selection

Explore the latest textile innovations to drive comfort

GIF of testing equipment
Relentless Testing

Ensure our products are best-in-class in terms of comfort and durability

White Aero Zero Dress Shirt Floating Over the Earth
Scientifically Sustainable

Materials analysis, thoughtful logistics & upcycling to continue reducing our carbon emissions

Apollo Duvet Snap Layer System
Magic Features

Engineer thoughtful features and details that delight & create those "aha" moments

Extend the Core

Unlock industry-defining control temperature and moisture for absolute comfort

GIF of material demonstrating phase change materials
Temperature Control

Active thermal management unlocked by materials and e-textiles

Fabric Steam Gif
Moisture Control

Regulating humidity to stay comfortably dry in any temperature

Mercury Jacket
Mercury OS

Wearables that are easy to use and robust in their climate control capabilities

Articles of clothing used to form the shape of a DNA strand
Climate-Active Materials

Materials that respond to heat and humidity to regulate airflow, moisture and temperature in real time

Starter Kit for Adults & Kids

Goal 3: Our Soul

Invest in Starter Kitsº

Using science + clothing to prepare kids and adults for great careers.

Why Starter Kits?

Science + Clothing = a better future for kids & adults

A Kit for Adults
A Kit for Adults

Each Starter Kit for Adults outfits the recipient with a top and bottoms for a full "uniform"

Starter Kit Kids
A Kit for Kids

Kits diving into fabric science provide knowledge and an outlet for aspiring minds

A New Beginning

We've had countless stories of how a Starter Kit breathes new life into the lives of the people who receive one

Educating Directly

Partnering with local organizations to get Starter Kits to those who need them most

The Team to Get Us There

A team of engineers, designers and builders who are passionate and driven to see this future come to life.


Tiffani Beyer

Customer Experience Manager

Jarlath Mellet

Design Director


Sally Schultz

Director of Product

Brian Kennedy

Ops Guy


Tessa Whitley

Supply Chain and Operations Manager

Brian Hammonds

Master of Light


Aman Advani

CEO & Co–Founder

Nicole Mazzola

Barcode-Printer In Chief

Headshot of Gihan Amarasiriwardena

Gihan Amarasiriwardena

President & Co-Founder


Zach Warner

Keeper of Words


Patrick Wolff

Growth & Optimization Lead