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Capsule Wardrobe Guide

Simple mornings start with fewer decisions. People spend the majority of their life wearing just 20% of their clothing, with the other 80% crowding not only your closet, but your mind.

Our capsule wardrobes are engineered to tackle this issue, with versatile, easy care pieces that slot seamlessly into any outfit, reducing excess decision making and giving you more time to get things done.


Final Sale
Women's Charcoal Kinetic Pull on Pant on model walking forward with hand in pocket
Women's Kinetic Pull-On Pant Slate Grey
$ 84
was $148
model wearing calcite heather velocity pull on pant and women juno drawstring tee navy hands in pocket face down
Women's Velocity Pull-On Pant Calcite Heather
$ 188
Women's Navy Fusion Straight Leg Pant on model with hand in pocket
Women's Fusion Straight Leg Pant Navy Heather
$ 128
Final Sale
Women's Black Swift Drape Pant on model with hands in pockets
Women's Swift Drape Pant Black
$ 74
was $148

Capsule Third Layers

Black Women's Fusion Double Knit Tunic on model stretching arms out
Women's Fusion Double-Knit Tunic Black
$ 128
model wearing womens atlas cardigan oatmeal heather one hand on table one holding cardigan full body resting herself on table
Women's Atlas Cardigan Oatmeal Heather
$ 178



black atlas no show sock
Atlas No Show Sock Black
$ 15
atlas ankle sock black black pair front full flat
Atlas Ankle Sock Black/Black
$ 15

Our Top 5 Capsule Wardrobe Tips:

1. Multi-Purpose Pieces
1. Multi-Purpose Pieces

Bridge use-case gaps with wear-anywhere staples and eliminate single-use items.

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2. Mix & Match Tonal Colors

Tonal pieces slot seamlessly into every outfit.

3. Adaptable Layering
3. Adaptable Layering

Versatile layers span temperature fluctuations across days and seasons (and expand your number of outfits).

woman putting womens aero zero dress shirt white into a washing machine
4. Pass the “One Load” Test

Easy-care clothing makes for hassle-free laundry sessions, saving you time and money.

Man emerging out of smoke wearing indigo boxers and putting on an indigo shirt
5. Simplify the Sock/Underwear Drawer

When the everyday essentials perform like activewear, all situations are covered.

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Men's Capsule Wardrobe

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