Hybrid seersucker swatch

How Hybrid Seersucker Works

As people who live through those hot Northern Hemisphere summers, we’re always looking for ways to stay cool. We’ve studied both ancient and modern cooling techniques in search of inspiration, and this melding of new and old is what led us to create Hybrid Seersucker: a unique spin on a classic warm-weather fabric.

flat woven fabric hybrid seersucker

When it comes to shirting and suiting, seersucker fabric is popular in India as a means of staying cool in extreme heat and humidity. The name 'seersucker' originates from the Hindi words for sheer and shakar, which mean “milk and sugar” — a nod to the juxtaposed smooth and rough surfaces of the fabric, made by applying uneven tension during the weaving process. Different colors were often used to signify the high and low-tension yarns, resulting in its signature striped aesthetic.

Flat Fabric Illustration

In a previous post, we discussed that some fabrics can create a hot and humid microclimate between our skin and the fabric surface — when a fabric is flat, it lies closer to the skin, reflecting heat and moisture back towards the body. This smaller air gap also increases skin contact, which can quickly become uncomfortable through periods of intense heat.

Hybrid Seersucker Illustration

Seersucker's rippled surface reduces direct contact with the skin, which helps to reduce the clammy feeling often experienced in humid weather. In creating these gaps, it also increases airflow and circulation between fabric and skin, allowing hot air to more easily move away from the body.

Finally, as moisture will inevitably accumulate on the surface of the fabric, Hybrid revitalizes traditional cotton seersucker with a modern, moisture-wicking blend of Coolmax® Polyester. Paired with an enhanced stretch knit, Hybrid offers an incredibly comfortable experience through the hottest time of the year.