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About Us

You don't know it yet, but we're your new favorite clothing company.

We believe that through science we can make you more comfortable and productive… everywhere.

Based out of Boston and born in the labs of MIT, we engineer for motion, comfort, easy care, and the planet. Think products that are breathable, stretchy, sweatproof, and easy to care for.

Here are 10 great reasons to give us a try:

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1. Meticulously Engineered and Tested

Every single garment we've made has been engineered from the fiber level up. That means research to understand how your body expels heat, odor and moisture, even how your skin stretches. The result is well fitting, machine washable, and beyond comfortable clothing you'll want to wear every day.

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2. Record-Setting Clothes

Our work has received some special awards - NASA's Innovation Excellence Award, Fast Company's Innovation by Design Award, and 2 Guinness World Records. We've been featured at the MoMA!

One of our most lauded products is our Kinetic Pant - our most flexible (and officially the world’s fastest) pair of pants.

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3. Backed by Real Humans

We're always excited to talk up our products - chat with us online, call us, even email our founders ( Oh, and we offer free and fast US shipping and returns to make your life that much easier. You're welcome, fellow humans.

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4. The Numbers Add Up

We're engineers by background, so we love numbers: 5,204 five-star reviews and 1,086 articles have been written about our innovations. And by the time you read this, those numbers will have all gone up!

One of our most talked about fabrics is the Apollo, used to make clothing that regulates your body temperature in real time.

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5. Our Fabrics Work... Really Well

Science drives everything we do. Did you know our Apollo line is certifiably tested to be 19x more breathable than traditional shirting, and our Kinetic line exerts 3.4x less pressure than traditional pants? (Now you do!)

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6. Advanced Technical Construction

Our product shines in the details - laser-cut ventilation in the underarms of our shirts, coffee-derived odor mitigation infused into our socks, shape-changing and 3D printed materials... and we're finding new ways to innovate every year.

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7. We're Planet Conscious

We care about more than the product: by utilizing recycled materials and investing in solar energy offsets, we've achieved carbon neutrality from day zero. We've also never used animal hides in any of our products - leather, down, fur, etc. - and we never will.

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8. Creating a Better Tomorrow

At the peak of COVID-19, we donated (and hand delivered) 70,000+ respirators and masks to local hospitals and shelters.

We've donated over 3,000 garments (and counting) to refugees, asylum-seekers, and others in need, to ace their next interview and get a fresh start.

Join us and help others acheive their life's work.

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9. Join 100,000+ (Amazing) Customers

Some seriously smart, passionate, talented and driven people use our products every day for their life’s work. Just sayin.

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10. Jen Thinks We're Great

This is a real text - a customer sent this screenshot as we were building out this page. (We had planned this to be "9 reasons" but couldn't resist!)

Thanks, Jen!
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We're using science to make sharp, comfortable clothing that performs.

Browse the site, read one of our 5000+ five-star reviews, and get to know the brand the New York Times called "a balance between looks and performance" -- We hope you'll enjoy shopping Scientifically Better!

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