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Introducing Starter Kits

Stay tuned for our bi-annual Starter Kit Program details!

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We are Ministry of Supply

We believe that through science we can make you more comfortable and productive... everywhere. Based out of Boston and born in the labs of MIT, we engineer for motion, comfort, easy care, and the planet. Think products that are breathable, stretchy, sweatproof, and easy to care for.

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Starter Kits for Adults

At the start of a challenging pandemic, we donated 70,000 masks to hospitals and shelters. With unemployment rates soaring, we felt like that wasn’t enough.

To date, we've sent out several thousand Starter Kits: $1 million worth of clothing made freely available to anyone who needs a fresh (and safe) start, but lacks financial resources. Every month, we’re still actively deploying kits each week, but have paused inbound applications while we work through our backlog. Currently available through our Boston Flagship store.

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Our motivation? We believe science is real, impactful, and inclusive. We want to extend the power of science to everyone, and promote a fresh start: whether that’s a big interview or forging a new path.

Starting fresh is hard. Pursuing your life’s work is hard. Clothes should be easy.