Bluewave Garment Factory

Factories: Bluewave




Fuzhou, China


Apollo, Mercury, Juno & Luxe Touch

What We Make There:

BlueWave produces our most technical cut-and-sew products. Specializing in performance fabrics and precision fit, this factory is committed to staying at the cutting edge of the industry. We currently work with them to produce Aero, Apollo, Hybrid, Momentum, Easier-than-Silk, Responsive and Composite, and Mercury.


Elissa and Simon, family owners of Blue Wave, are dedicated to their female workforce. They providing a safe work environment, good wages, and development opportunities for women. By working at BlueWave, women are given opportunities that they may not have elsewhere.

Why We Chose Them:

In the last year, BlueWave moved to a new factory and invested in new equipment, doubling production capacity and improving quality. Their systems include:

  • Robotic cutting that allows digital patterns to be directly cut to fabric.

  • Large-scale laser cutting technical components and laser perforations.

  • Automated sewing with 2-axis sewing robots for intricate seam work.

  • Ultrasonic bonding machines that create clean, stretchable stitch-free seams

  • Computerized production line that efficiently moves garments around and enables better quality through individual tracking of a garment.