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Careº Initiative

Why We Launched Careº

When it comes to sustainability, we think not just about the energy and materials that go into production of our products, but also the impact throughout their use.

Increasing the usable lifespan of our garments and reducing the need for excess washing are big ways to reduce our footprint. We’re launching Careº to tackle these challenges.

guppyfriend washing bag filled with clothes

1. Reduction in Microplastics

Problem: During heavy washing and drying, most fabrics will have small fibers that “shed” (check the lint screen in your dryer). Synthetic fibers break down more slowly than natural ones - and these fibers can end up in our water system. Synthetic fleece is the worst offender - its shorter fibers are prone to shedding, creating 84 times more fiber migration than other types of synthetic fabric!

Solution: Our synthetic materials are comprised of long fibers that are less likely to “shed” in a wash cycle, compared to other synthetic clothing. To further prevent excess fiber migration, we recommend reusable Guppyfriend Washing Bags that are designed to filter and retain microfibers, for safe post-wash disposal.

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DWR on Fabric

2. Sustainable Water Repellents

Problem: Long-chain Perfluorinated Compounds (known as PFOA / PFAS) have been used to repel water from fabric for decades, and are important to the performance of outerwear and other garments. However, water repellence breaks down over prolonged use - and PFCs have been found to affect our hormonal system, and can persist in our water supply, creating long-term issues.

Solution: We’ve shifted all of our products to use shorter-chain or PFC-free DWRs. Additionally, we are offering PFC-free Nikwax products for DWR re-application. With Nikwax you'll continue to get top-notch performance from your clothing for years to come.

Nikwax TX-Direct is formulated for outerwear like our Doppler Mac & Mercury Jacket. • Nikwax Softshell Proof is formulated for pants and light outerwear, like Doppler Packable, Kinetic, and Momentum products.

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Man Wearing Newton Active Shorts and Composite Merino Active Tee Leaping in Air

3. Odor Control for Performance Fabrics

Problem: Because synthetic fibers designed for active use hold on to skin oils, naturally-occurring bacteria can cause odor over time. These are not always washed off effectively when using detergents designed for cotton.

Solution: We employ several forms of odor control in our product line, from coffee-based S. Cafe fiber to natural Merino wool. We also now offer Nikwax Basefresh, a specially formulated conditioner that works with your normal detergent to break down skin oils on performance fabrics. By washing off the oil, it prevents bacterial growth and neutralizes odor buildup.

Nikwax BaseFresh is perfectly designed to keep our tees, tanks, and Active line clean and fresh, wear after wear.

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