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The Future is Knit

Knit fabrics are known for their softness and stretch, but they're usually relegated to casual uses and swapped for crisp woven fabrics when you want to look presentable.

We believe that knits will drive the future of comfort. Through innovative construction and specialized fabric blends, our knit pieces provide the perfect balance of stretch, softness and structure to be presentable and comfortable - anywhere.

Weft Knits

chambray blue composite merino active fabric roll

Jersey Knit

The simplest of knit fabrics, made of interlocking loops going horizontally in large tubes. Jersey knits are the foundation of t-shirts, underwear and other baselayers in our Composite fabrics. Its soft but yielding stretch is perfect for garments that conform to the body, for a flattering look everytime.

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apollo fabric roll

Pique Knit (Double Knit)

A more complex stucture than Jersey, with a tighter knit structure next to skin and a more open texture on the exterior that wicks moisture readily through capillary action. Despite its comparative thickness, Pique Knits offer easy stretch, and an open construction leads to more airflow that's perfect for athletic and general active use. Used in our Apollo pieces.

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w's fusion chore coat fabric rolls

Ponte Knit (Double Knit)

A rich, dense fabric made of two layers of interlocking jersey, Ponte Knits are known for their structured look and resilient stretch, creating a unique Workleisure fabric that's an ideal wear-anywhere alternative to sweats. Featured in our Fusion pieces.

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Other Knits

Close-up of Navy Fabric Rolls

Warp Knit

A high-power fabric knit in length-wise rolls rather than tubes. Tight-knit construction leads to a stronger, more resilent fabric that provides the structure of a woven garment, but with immense capacity for stretch and unparalleled bounce-back. Warp Knits are the backbone of our Kinetic platform.

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men's grey heather stripe hybrid button down fabric roll

High-Gauge Knits

Higher gauge knit counts indicate more knots per inch, and under specific tensions this results in resilient, structured but medium drape fabric that's perect for specialized shirting in the form of Jersey or Warp Knits.

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Atlas Merino close up

Seamless Knits

Seamless knitting provides varied knit constructions in a continuous piece of fabric, unlocking performance and a unique aesthetic. Found in our Atlas products.

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