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Meet Gihan, Co-Founder & Engineer

Our product design process starts with pinpointing everyday situations that could be improved through innovation, and then applying science and technology to solve them. Our mission with every product is to provide a balance of scientifically-backed comfort and convenience wherever the day takes you.

We rigorously test our products not only in the real world but in the lab under the most extreme conditions. If they work at the extremes, we know they'll perform in your everyday life.

Gihan Amarasiriwardena, Co-Founder & President

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Life Inspired, Life Tested

Join Gihan in this short video (we promise it’ll take less than 2 minutes) as he shares his personal journey and how his life’s work continues to evolve.

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Learn more about Gihan's journey below.

Founding Story

A Shared Passion

My life's work began in earnest at MIT—Aman and I met and bonded through a shared love of hacking the clothes we wore, making small improvements to our favorite pieces in pursuit of that perfect balance of comfort, performance and sharpness. It was that shared passion that led to the founding of Ministry of Supply.

Backed by Science

Backed by Science

As a team we lean heavily on science to create the best possible products—as such, all of our pieces undergo rigorous performance and durability tests before their final release.

Extreme Tested

Life Tested: At the Extremes

I've helped test our products in extreme situations to ensure their quality, durability and performance:

✔ Half marathons in our Kinetic Suit
✔ Cross country biking in our Apollo Polo

Family Tested

Life Tested: For When it Matters Most

Having a new family member in the past year has been wonderful—and it's inspired some unexpected new tests:

✔ Enduring early morning food spills
✔ Easy washing and quick drying
✔ Giving back time to play with my son

Knowing our clothes can take on the work day and power straight on into family time fills me with confidence that we're on the right track. We hope they make you feel the same way.

Guinness World Record Winner: Fastest Half Marathon in a Suit

If they work at the extremes, we know they'll perform in your everyday life.

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