S.Cafe Odor Control - How It’s Made

Singtex is one of our long-time partners, and a pioneer in the development and milling of sustainable performance yarns and fabrics. We use S.Cafe, one of their proprietary processes to create coffee-derived sustainable materials. S.Cafe is a collection of odor-controlling, moisture-wicking, waterproof and insulative fabrics created using coffee grounds and recycled polyester. You can watch a video explanation of the process here: Ministry of Supply - S.Cafe - How it's made.

We use all applications of the S.Cafe process in our garments:

S.Cafe Recycled Polyester in the Responsive Tee and Atlas Socks

S.Cafe Eco2sy Insulation in the Mercury Intelligent Heated Jacket

S.Cafe Airnest Waterproof Membranes in the Mercury Intelligent Heated Jacket

S.Cafe Silver Nylon in the Labs Active Shorts