As a company centered around using science to unlock your life’s work, we also believe in its power to affect positive change on a larger scale. Science for Better is the mantra that guides our purpose and perspective—these initiatives and partnerships are part of an ongoing commitment to helping create a better world.

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Beam works with the most mission driven brands to help turn your existing mission/giveback into a way to measurably lift sales and build community. Climate Neutral in support of climate action Ministry of Supply Starter Kits in support of workforce readiness & recovery MºLabs (Mbadika x Ministry of Supply) in support of STEM Education for underserved minorities

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Starter Kits

In November 2020 we took out a full-page ad in the New York Times to announce Starter Kits: $250,000+ worth of clothing and masks freely available to anyone who needed a fresh (and safe) start, but lacked financial resources. We were able to fulfill 99% of applications.

Starter Kits
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Going Zero°

Clothing production is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions. We want to change that. We built the Aero Zero°, the earth's first carbon neutral dress shirt. 100% recycled, 0% Net Carbon Footprint.

Going Zero°
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When it comes to sustainability, we think not just about the energy and materials that go into production of our products, but also the impact throughout their use. We launched Careº, a collection of tools and products built to help you increase the usable lifespan of our garments and reduce your footprint.

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Kinetic Adaptiveº

“Clothes should make your life easier” has long been our mantra. Using our high-performing, award-winning Kinetic fabric, we designed our Adaptive pants in collaboration with world-class athletes with an inclusive focus on easy dressing, comfort and style. Adaptive is engineered and extensively tested for wheelchair riders with a focus on comfort and easy wear, using high-performing Kinetic fabric.

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In April 2020 a surge of COVID-19 cases and a lack of short-term production capacity resulted in a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical professionals dealing with the virus first-hand. We threw all of the tools at our disposal into developing a mask, breaking the traditional structure and using our 3D knitting machines to make masks in under 9 minutes each.

We donated over 70,000 masks and respirators to healthcare professionals on the front lines.

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Mº Lab

Mbadika (bah-GEE-kah) is a non-profit STEM organization founded by Netia McCray who has dedicated her life to "developing the dreamers and doers of the impossible through STEM."

What began as a 2017 field trip for a 3D Computerized Knitting project at our Boston store evolved in 2018 into school-vacation workshops around wearable technologies - and in 2020 a partnership for the appropriately named Mº Lab Field Kit: an at-home STEM project that teaches kids the basics of product design and development through the lens of fabric science.

For every Mº Lab Field Kit purchased we provided a Mº Lab Field Kit for a Boston Public School student.

Mº Lab
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Apollo For a Cause

In order to champion science for the next generation of inventors from 2018 - 2019 we built two campaigns to support NASA’s OPSPARC Invention & Spin Off Competition for middle school & high school students through sales of special edition Apollo Polos and shirts.

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Stand Up for Science

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Science for Better Initiatives

Our ongoing efforts to make a positive impact on the world.