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In collaboration with Mbadika mLabs, student interns from Boston Public Schools selected and interviewed leading STEM role models from the community to learn about career paths in fields such as science, medicine and computation. Each interview features images captured by photographer Kyeana Jones of the student interns modeling our special edition Atlas M° Lab Crew Socks.

Dr. Susan Emery

Susan Emery, PhD, CRNA

Dr. Emery is a clinical associate professor and director of the Nurse Anesthesia program at the Connell School of Nursing at Boston College.

"I think being able to make the person-to-person connection as well as having all of the scientific knowledge to be able to care for them during that time is a real skill."

Ergina Agastra

Ergina Agastra

Junior at Excel High School in Boston, MA. mLabs Intern

Ergina is interested in pursuing a career in healthcare as an anesthesiologist. She is highly interested in science, and passionate about cooking and traveling in her spare time.

"#ScienceForBetter means to find and provide new ways to solve problems around the world."

Dr Evelynn Hammonds

Evelynn Hammonds, PhD

Dr. Hammonds is Professor and Department Chair of The History of Science and Professor of African & African-American Studies at Harvard University.

“The best way to gain knowledge, in my experience, is through reading."

Anh Do

Anh Do

Junior at the Jeremiah Burke High School in Boston, MA. mLabs Intern

Anh is interested in pursuing a career in robotics, and is passionate about computer science and electrical engineering. She is driven by her love of mathematics.

"#ScienceForBetter means using science to make people’s lives easier and develop innovative solutions for the future."

Jordan Harrod

Jordan Harrod, PhD Candidate & Science Communicator

Jordan Harrod is a PhD candidate in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Department whose research focuses on brain-machine interfacing. She often explains these topics to her 65k+ followers on YouTube.

"It’s important to talk about fairness and bias in machine learning before you write a single line of code, because that way it will always be in the back of your mind."

Jade Porter-Conner

Jade Porter-Conner

Sophomore at Boston Arts Academy in Boston, MA. mLabs Intern

Jade is interested in pursuing a career in healthcare as a surgeon. She balances her time between academic courses and performing spoken word poetry.

"#ScienceForBetter means not using science for purely selfish reasons but to purely help our fellow man by advancing technologies that benefit all of humanity and not some."

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