Tainan Enterprises Garment Factory

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Tainan Enterprises


Jakarta, Indonesia | Tainan, Taiwan


Fusion, Pace (formerly Momentum) & Swift Factory

What We Make There:

Tainan Enterprises is a factory group based out of Tainan, Taiwan with factories across South Asia. They’re specialists in casual garments, particularly with stretch bottoms - perfect for our Fusion Pants for men and Pace (formerly Momentum) Chinos. We needed a combination of skill working with stretch materials, and creating seams that can stretch - but also are incredibly durable. Creating such pieces requires craftsmanship and machinery like chain-stitching machines to create these reinforced teams. See behind the scenes of Tainan Enterprises’ Jakarta factory.


With our partners PLH, we’ve been working with Tainan Enterprises to develop our extension into casual bottoms. The team is incredibly creative and collaborative in finding ways to engineer quality into the garment through new means of production and quality assurance protocols from diligent fabric inspection, to machining specialized sewing templates for consistent fit.

Why We Chose Them:

In the last year, Tainan Enterprises moved to a new factory and invested in new equipment, doubling production capacity and improving quality. Their systems include:

  • Robotic cutting that allows digital patterns to be directly cut onto the fabric.

  • Production line optimized for offering multiple inseam lengths.

  • Expertise in stretch pants production and chain stitching machines for reinforced crotch seams.

  • Robotic welted pocket production allows precise and evenly shaped welted pockets.

  • Skilled pattern makers allowing for increased fits and sizes.