Matsuoka Factory

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Matsuoka Group


Hanoi, Vietnam | Pinghu, China


Kinetic, Velocity and Doppler

What We Make There:

We’ve been working with the Matsuoka Group for over 5 years to make our most-tailored garments such as our Velocity and Kinetic blazers and pants, as well as Kinetic and Light Layer outerwear.

Matsuoka specializes in tailored garments - particularly men’s and women’s blazers and slacks, with tailoring expertise and know-how, skilled craftsmanship and an investment in machinery that enhances the durability and sharpens the aesthetic.


Mr. Noriyuki Matsuoka, is the owner of the Matsuoka Corp. Originally founded in Hiroshima, Japan in 1956, Matsuoka has since expanded its production globally to other supply bases including Pinghu (near Shanghai, China) and Hanoi (Vietnam).

Why We Chose Them:

We’ve developed and produce many of our tailored products, including the washable Velocity Suit and stretchy Kinetic separates, at Matsuoka because of their combined expertise in suiting, but also familiarity with performance fabrics. Additionally, they have extensive machinery specific to the production of suiting that elevates the crisp aesthetic while also improving washability.

  • Robotic welt pocket cutting and assembly for consistent shaping

  • Chest and Shoulder steam presses for crisp lamination of canvased fronts

  • Automated button attachment for consistent spacing

  • Multi-panel waistband construction for a combination of structure an stretch