Kaofeng - Sock Factory

Factories: Kaofeng




Shetou Township, Taiwan


Atlas Socks

What We Make There:

We’ve been making these socks with our partners at Kaofeng and Singtex for 9 + years in the Taiwan’s renowned Shetou Township, famous for their sock-making industry.


We’ve been working with Mr. Hsiao and his team at Kaofeng for 7+ years. They’re a fantastic partner in creating and innovating our Atlas Socks, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Why We Chose Them:

In the last year, BlueWave moved to a new factory and invested in new equipment, doubling production capacity and improving quality. Their systems include:

  • Robotic cutting that allows digital patterns to be directly cut to fabric.

  • Large-scale laser cutting technical components and laser perforations.

  • Automated sewing with 2-axis sewing robots for intricate seam work.

  • Ultrasonic bonding machines that create clean, stretchable stitch-free seams

  • Computerized production line that efficiently moves garments around and enables better quality through individual tracking of a garment.